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We know more and more folks are looking to zip line and want to catch the buzz that everyone is talking about. Our zip line fans, enthusiasts, guests and customers have grown to over 3 million strong worldwide! So join the masses and come try it, even if it’s your first time or 100th!

We look forward to seeing YOU on one of our many adventure tours…where you’ll experience some of the world’s best zip lines, giant swings, and elaborate ropes courses for yourself.

Maybe it’s a family vacation, reunion, birthday experience, wedding or anniversary, or maybe you’re just looking for some adventure! Whatever the reason, choose any of GoZip’s locations for outstanding service, innovative designs, and of course…fun! Zip lining with GoZip is the perfect outdoor adventure activity for families and friends.

ZiplinesClick here to find a location!

All our zip line adventure tours require participants to don a harness, helmet and a smile. You can be anywhere from 20 to 360 feet off the ground – literally flying between trees, over rainforests, waterfalls, open water or deep ravines. Check out a location near you and discover a totally unique experience!

Zip Lining Is A Must-Do!

Is zip lining the latest ‘must do’ activity? We along with others think so! Rob Lovitt shares more about the trends of zip lining in his latest article. We are honored to be featured with our Moto Zip Ride at our newest location in Needles, California. Don’t zip out, I mean miss out, take a read here!

New Location!

We’re getting ready to open GoZip Pirate Cove at the beautiful Pirate Cove Resort and Marina in California. The best has just gotten better!

GoZip Pirate CoveYou can expect a signature dual-track zip line course with fantastic views, as well as the motorized “Rum Runner” zip line – a ride that whisks you away at speeds up to 55mph!

We also have the ever-popular Giant “Bosun” Swing, adding a new twist on an old favorite. And finally, we’ve added a “Plank Walk” element which features the innovative Powerfan® Freefall.

Visit the GoZip Pirate Cove Website.

We hope everyone in the Needles, California area will join us for fun and adventure!

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